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Dear Customers,

We are experiencing the severe hotness of summer here in Yufuin. On the other hand,
Yufuin is very well known as the summer resort to stay away from the hotness of summer.
People are coming to Yufuin, seeking for the refreshing air which is given by the trees surrounding the town.
The hotness of summer will normally settle down after the middle of August.
Then, the most attractive season of the year is coming, Autumn! In Autumn,
those trees surrounding the town change their color and give people fantastic experience.
The roses in our “English Garden” will also bloom around October to welcome you.
The food in autumn is also most special though the year as people in Japan call the autumn “Season for Appetite”.
Please visit our hotel and Yufuin in this special season.
We prepared several different choices to welcome you to Yufuin Hotel Morino Terrace and Yufuin!!
Sincerely, Yufuin Hotel Morino Terrace