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Be surprised with
our amazing French cuisine
made with local ingredients.

We provide cuisines to be enjoyed with all 5 senses cooked by a veteran French chef using carefully selected ingredients.
You can enjoy an orthodox French cuisine full of the blessings from the vegetable homegrown in Yufuin.

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Dinner 01
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The blessings of Yufuin disguised in French.

A veteran chef cooks French cuisine full of the blessings of Yufuin using wild plants and seafood in season. Enjoy and embrace the combination of Yufuin and French cuisine.


Dinner 18:00 – 21:00

*The menu alternates depending on the season and stockings.


  • Breakfast 01
  • Breakfast 02
  • Breakfast 03

Colorful and healthy breakfast.

We cook body-friendly breakfast menus in the morning.
Also providing rich and colorful menus such as drinkable salad juices for those who aren't too fond of vegetables.


Breakfast 8:30 – 10:00

*The menu alternates depending on the season and stockings.

Dining Establishment

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A restaurant directly connected to the hotel of Mori-no-Terrace.
For the main venue we provide a large restaurant, as well as three private rooms.
Enjoy and relax at breakfast and dinner.

Dinner : From 18:00 , Breakfast : From 8:30