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Facial &
body care

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We have an establishment exclusive for spa treatments which may be considered rare in Yufuin.
We invite you to the world of healing, including relaxation treatments using aroma oil to keep your face and body beautiful and moisturized.
Relax and enjoy the treatment by professionals at one of the best spas in Yufuin.

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Facial Treatment Courses
  • Special facial treatment course
    ¥10,000 (tax not included) for 70 minutes

    This special course utilizes treatments chosen for specifically according to your skin types.

  • Essence introduction course
    ¥8,000 (tax not included) for 60 minutes

    We introduce highly thick and creamy beauty lotion applied with the poration method according to any worries you may be having about your skin.

  • Beauty mask course
    ¥8,000 (tax not included) for 60 minutes

    Treatment with different types of beauty masks according to any skin problems you may be facing.

  • Lymph drainage course
    ¥6,000 (tax not included) for 40 minutes

    Hand massaging course using high quality oil.

  • Carbonic beauty mask course
    ¥8,000 (tax not included) for 60 minutes

    By using a highly dense and foamy carbonic beauty mask to give your skin resilience, gloss, and transparency.

Body treatment course
  • Original lymph drainage course
    ¥9,000 (tax not included) for 60 minutes

    Lymph massage for the entire body using high-quality oil to relieve you from fatigue and stimulate your metabolism.

  • Lymph massage course with slimming option
    ¥14,000 (tax not included) for 90 minutes

    Lymph massage for the entire body and slimming option for the parts of your body you may be concerned about.

  • Options
    Treatment for specific parts
    ¥4,000 (tax not included) for 30 minutes
    Body beauty mask
    ¥2,000 (tax not included) for 15 minutes
NotePlease read below before making reservations.
  • Precautions when making a reservation for a session

    • One customer per session. The next customer may have to wait for 30 minutes before the next session.
    • Last admission 21:00

  • Precautions for guests who have reserved their stay with the dinner plan.

    • Dinner time will take approx. 1 hour and a half from 18:00.
    • Session starting times range from 15:00 to 21:00, before or after dinner.