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Yufuin sightseeing

5 minutes drive from our hotel to Yufuin

Yufuin has been one of the top five tourist destinations to visit for several years, and is called "Karuizawa in the east, Yufuin the west".
In addition to the beauty of the scenery and scenery, there are also museums and shopping spots, and the cityscape is full of atmosphere.
Please enjoy the charming sightseeing in Yufuin.
  • Recommended

    • Yufuin Kushiyaki CARNE(CARNE)

      Yufuin Kushiyaki CARNE is located near the Yufuin station.
      It is a new yakitori restaurant that opened a few years ago.

      Various parts of fresh birds are carefully grilled over charcoal and they are very delicious.
      Rather than being crispy, it's fresh, so it's a little rare, or it's baked with a softness.

      It is a restaurant where you can feel the passion not only for yakitori but also for single dishes.
      The atmosphere inside the restaurant and the staff are very nice, so it's perfect for dates and meals with loved ones.
      The staff on the MORI NO TERRACE also often go.

      【From the hotel】About 10 minutes by car / taxi towards the station
    • Bar Barolo(Bar Barolo)

      "Bar Barolo" on the premises “NIHON-NO-ASHITABA” inn “NIHON-NO-ASHITABA” next to our hotel.
      Barolo has a wonderful atmosphere.
      Sato, who works as a bartender at this bar, has been making sake at this shop for many years.

      In addition to the delicious cocktails made Sato, there is also a wine cellar with a wide variety of wines.
      If you like wine, this is a bar you should visit.

      It is located on the premises of the inn next door, so it is only a 1-minute walk from the hotel.
      It is recommended for those who want to enjoy more alcohol after dinner in order to enjoy apéritif before dinner, as they can go immediately.

      Opening the heavy door opens up an extraordinary space.
      It's a nice atmosphere, but I think that the bartender, Sato, will be able to relax his shoulders with a friendly and relaxing customer service.

      【From the hotel】1 minute walk

      It is a very cute and fashionable general store on the Yunotsubo Yunotsubo Kaido where many shops are lined up.
      Anyway, there are a lot of small items and pottery that have a good taste, so it's an irresistible space for women!

      This is "No shooting inside the store".
      This time I am shooting with special permission.
      Unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.

      【From the hotel】About 25 minutes by car / About 20 minutes on foot from Yufuin Station
    • Ono Farm

      It is a pear farm that is close to the hotel and is recommended for making memories.
      Partnership at the hotel and accommodation plan, is a farm that let me make a pear hunting plan
      (The pear hunting plan may not be available depending on the time and date.)
      Shonai pears, which grow on the south-facing slopes, are characterized by being sweet and fresh with plenty of sunlight.
      Please go.

      <Ono Farm>
      【Address】118-17 Naka, Shonai Town, Yufu City, Oita Prefecture
      【Farmer】Kenzo Ono/mobile phone:090-9578-5106
      【From the hotel】About 30 minutes by car
      Turn left at the entrance of the Hiraishi District National Route 210.The landmark is the hut on the right.
      Turn left on the solar panel.(Flags rise in the season)
      After climbing the narrow road, you will arrive at the farm.
      *If you follow a road guided by a car navigation system or Google Maps, you may make narrow and complicated roads or detours.Please be careful.
      【Period】September to mid-October
    • Hita is Mameda Town.Townscape you want to go with Yufuin

      A tourist spot near Yufuin. "Hita"
      Since go in about an hour's drive from Yufuin, also recommended to go on the day of the next was a tourist in Yufuin

      During the Hinamatsuri event, cute chicks are displayed here and there.
      It's fun just to look at it because it has its own personality.
      The atmosphere is wonderful, with lanterns being displayed in the streets and plum blossoms blooming at the Doll's Festival.
      A souvenir shop, a steamed bun shop, a karaage shop, and a geta shop that store old-fashioned nostalgic toys.
      There is also a delicious Hitsumabushi shop.
      If you have a family with a little girl, please go.

      At the same time, Hita also holds an event called "Plum Festival".
      【Period】February 21st to March 20th
      【Venue】Furuyadai Plum Garden Umeen / Furuyadai Plum Garden Umeen
      【Inquiries】Oyama Festival Executive Committee Secretariat/Hita City Oyama Promotion Bureau:0973-52-3101
  • Watch

    • Hasama Kichokure Festival

      This is the annual Hasama autumn event that has continued since the Hasama Town era before the merger.
      There are various exhibitions and sales of agricultural products, various product sales corners, store openings, etc., and various events are held on the main stage.

      【Period】November 14th to 15th
  • Experience

    • Strawberry Picking

      At the foot of Mt. Kirikuisan in Kusu Town, a fairy tale village, there is a farm where you can experience strawberry picking.
      All-you-can-eat "Saga Honoka (strawberry)" for 1,200 yen for 40 minutes!
      It is grown in a special house, so it's okay if it rains.
      Since it is cultivated in a high place, even people with poor legs can enjoy it leisurely without crouching.
      Reservations are required at least 3 days in advance, so if you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.

      <Higuma Strawberry Farm>
      【Address】313-2 Yamada, Kusu Town, Kusu County, Oita Prefecture
      【Access】7 minutes by car from Kusu IC Oita Expressway
      (Kusu IC about 7 minutes to National Route 387, Route 210 from Kusu IC to the Fukuoka district)
      【From the hotel】30 minutes via Oita Expressway/36 minutes via Route 210
      【Period】From February 14th to early June
  • eat

    • Ramen Fukusuke

      A ramen shop that is crowded with tourists during the day and loved by locals at night.
      The soup made from local chicken has a light and refreshing taste, but you can feel the deep taste of local chicken.
      A taste that is pleasing to women as well as men.

      There is a parking lot in front of the shop where 2 to 3 cars can be parked.
      The inside of the store has a bright atmosphere based on white, but most of the seats are counter seats, so it is safer to go with a small number of people.

      There is no replacement ball at this shop, but there is a replacement rice instead.
      I put it in the soup that I finished eating and eat it, which is also good.
      Soboro rice is also recommended.

      If you want to drink at Yufuin, you can go to the second party, or dare to go to the first party and then go to the izakaya in earnest.
      It's a bright shop, so please go there.

      <ramen Fukusuke>
      【From the hotel】10 minutes by car